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UC Davis Center for Integrated Computing and STEM Education (C-STEM) --- Research and Outreach
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Math Researcher

Position Title: Student Research Assistant, Student Assistant IV

Job Function: Assist the C-STEM Center with research related tasks in middle and high school math courses.
Job Purpose: To assist Dr. Harry Cheng, C-STEM Program Manager and Education Specialist in conducting research with high school teachers.
Job Description:

The UC Davis C-STEM Center is currently looking for a Student Researcher to conduct research on integrating computing and robotics into STEM education with a focus on Algebra implementation, funded by the National Science Foundation and California Department of Education. The position requires assisting in the management of logistical issues related to grant funded research studies including interacting with participants to modify study materials and assessments. The student assistant will keep track of participant implementation in regards to student participant demographics, material covered, resources utilized and overall time spent. The research study will be focused on math education and assessment of the C-STEM program on the impact of teachers and their students. They will collect, grade, and enter assessment and survey data and interpret the results. More info about the research projects can be found at:




Student must have strong computer skills with experience with excel and Microsoft. Competition of a MAST course and teaching experience/internship is highly recommended. Student must be interested in mathematics education. C/C++ programming knowledge is preferred, but not required. Student must have strong organizational skills and ability to follow instructions. Student must have good verbal, writing and interpersonal skills. Student must be able to work independently with minimal supervision. Punctuality and good attendance are required.
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Approximate Hours Per Week:
Position requires 8~15 hours per week of work time, throughout the calendar year including summers. Hours are flexible. Some weekend event attendance is required. Job can be extended for multiple years.

Location(s): Bainer Hall


Desired Major:

Math, Science, and Engineering

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