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Position Title: Web Master, Student Assistant IV

Job Function: Web Design

Job Purpose: To assist Professor Harry Cheng in the Integration Engineering Laboratory and C-STEM Center

Job Description:

Design, develop, and maintain robust and secure web applications within WordPress to improve the online collaboration between the C-STEM Center and its users. Applications developed and supported in this position include a teacher management application, digital content distribution application, on-line registration and associated databases, and forum. Student will also assist in general lab activities and support special activities as needed such as C-STEM Day with RoboPlay Competitions and Math Programming Competitions for secondary school students and C-STEM Conference.


Student must be able to work independently with minimal supervision. Experience in designing web sites and developing web-based applications using HTML, CSS, and PHP is a must. WordPress experience, as well as JS, AJAX, and SQL is preferred. Be comfortable reading through other people’s code. Have experience setting up and running local development environments. Be flexible to major changes in site design and ability to implement quickly and efficiently.

Please send your application, including a cover letter, resume, transcript, and a portfolio with web sites developed to jobs@c-stem.ucdavs.edu
Number of Openings



Desired Start
Open Immediately


End Date



Approximate Hours Per Week:
Position requires 10-20 hours per week of work time. Work can be completed on your own time. Job can be extended for multiple years.

Location(s): Bainer Hall


Desired Major:

Computer Science, Technoculture, Design, and Engineering



Default email address for cover letter, resume, and transcript:

Salary Level: