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RoboPlay Video Competition



The RoboPlay Video Competition is a robotics-centric video competition for K-14 students. It designed for  students to learn robotics while having fun and exploring their creativity in writing, storytelling, art, music, choreography, design, video editing and film production, and at the same time seamlessly learning C-STEM subjects. The necessary robot coordination to match the movement of multiple modules to music requires not only teamwork in designing a well-organized visual performance, but also the math and programming skills to produce the desired actions. The competitions enable students with different interests to explore the basic concepts of C-STEM in conjunction with their artistic and music talents. A student of average skill should be able to reproduce a video with the documentation submitted for the video.


  • Division 1: Junior Teams with students from elementary and middle schools (grades 5-8)
  • Division 2: Senior Teams with students from high schools and community colleges (grades 9-14)


  • All team members must be enrolled in a K-14 school.
  • Each team must have 3 or more students contributing to the video. There is no limit on the number of team members.
  • Each teacher can sponsor up to 5 team videos.

Equipment and Computer Programs: 

  • Each team must use one or more Linkbot or Lego NXT/EV3 or combination.
  • Backgrounds, sets, and costumes are recommended and encouraged, but not required.
  • Motion of these robots must be controlled using programs written in Ch, a C/C++ interpreter in Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. You may use free C-STEM Studio  in open source C-STEMbian operating system for Raspberry Pi to create motions of Linkbot, NXT, and EV3 robots.

Video Content:

  • The robot(s) and their coded movements must be critical to the video. All scenes should focus on robots as the primary figures.
  •  Each video must be between 1 and 5 minutes long.
  • All elements of the video, except music, must be produced originally by the students.

Award Categories:

  • Best Storyline
  • Best Choreography
  • Most Interesting Task
  • Best Custom Designed Part
  • Best Overall Video
  • Best Film Promoting Computational Thinking