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C-STEM Awards and Scholarships

C-STEM Awards and Scholarships are presented to K-12  students for their aspiration and excellent achievement on integrated learning of computing and STEM subjects in both formal and informal settings. Award recipients are selected by the C-STEM Awards Committee consisting of the university faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

C-STEM awards the following annually:

  • C-STEM Award of Achievement – middle-school students
  • C-STEM Award of Excellence – high-school students
  • C-STEM Girl’s Leadership Award  – middle school girls who have attended the GIRL camp 
  • C-STEM Scholarship – college-bound seniors

Applications for the 2018 Awards are due by April 13, 2018.  Application forms. 


Teachers may nominate their students for these awards through our website!  This feature automatically sends the student you nominate an email notification with a link to the application and with the attached Teacher Recommendation Form.  Please log into our registered users subsite and visit the “C-STEM Student Award Nomination” page to nominate a student.   Please note: This nomination form is a tool to motivate your students to apply;  It is not a substitute for a student application.


C-STEM is an option for new undergraduate applicants to select as a UC approved educational preparation program. C-STEM student and team awards are now recognized in the UC admissions process as achievements that have explicitly prepared students for college and career.