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1-Week Institute

C-STEM 1-Week Institute on Integrated Computing and STEM Education

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(Due to our development of new innovative educational technologies and effective professional development strategy, we are able to pack the contents of the previous two-week summer institute and deliver them through this 1-week institute.)

The intensive C-STEM 1-Week Institute on Integrated Computing and STEM Education is designed to provide professional development for K-14 teachers on the principles of robotics and computing and how to integrate them into STEM classes. Teachers learn computer programming, computational thinking, and problem-solving with coding using freely available C-STEM Studio and RoboBlockly.  Teachers will learn specific teaching pedagogy and classroom implementation strategies for integrating computing and robotics activities into math, science and engineering curricula, as well as how to support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) using the C-STEM integrated  curriculum with interactive computing, programming, and robotics. Teachers also learn how to teach and reinforce mathematical concepts through practical applications with hands-on computing and robotics activities. These activities reinforce logical reasoning and critical thinking skills through computing activities in which students write functions, visualize, process, save and plot experimental and hypothetical data. Teachers will get the first-hand experience of C-STEM RoboPlay Competition and learn to advise their students to participate in this level-playing field robot competition.  This professional development supports the following C-STEM curriculum:

  • Math 7 with Computing
  • Math 8 with Computing
  • Algebra 1 with Computing
  • Algebra 1 with Computing and Robotics
  • Geometry with Computing and Robotics
  • Algebra 2 with Computing and Robotics
  • Integrated Mathematics 1 with Computing
  • Integrated Mathematics 1 with Computing and Robotics
  • Integrated Mathematics 2 with Computing and Robotics
  • Integrated Mathematics 3 with Computing and Robotics
  • Robotics and Film Production
  • Computing with Robotics
  • Computer Programming with Ch
  • Computer Programming for Solving Applied Problems


Each participant must be able to bring their own laptop computer.   To participate in the 1-Week Institute, we also require that you have the necessary software and equipment to implement in the coming school year, including access 2-3 times a week to a lab with Ch Professional software installed and at least two Linkbots and/or two Lego Mindstorms NXT or EV3. Over the past five years of providing this professional development, we have seen first hand how an enthusiastic teacher can be hindered in implementation without these two items.


*For all C-STEM events, you must first register for the site before you can register for the event. Click HERE to become a registered user

Then click here to view upcoming 1-Week Institutes and to Register. Space is limited; please sign up early to reserve your spot.

Cost: $750/teacher due one week before the Institute.

Final deadline for registration to reserve your space 

Payment for the training has to be done by check or PO pay to “The Regents of the University of California (UC Davis C-STEM)”.

  • We must have received your payment one week before instruction has begun in order for you to be able to participate. Checks can be brought in person in the morning of the first day of instruction, 30 minutes before the instruction.
  • Registration covers instruction, teaching materials, a license for Ch Professional Edition  for  a laptop of the registered participant till July 31 of next year,  and lunch. Other meals, transportation, and lodging are not included.
  • A Laptop running Windows XP or higher or Mac OS 10.7  or higher is necessary during the training. Please bring a laptop with you for participation in the academy. You must have administrative privileges on the laptop to install software.
  • No refunds after instruction begins.  Any cancellations must be received in writing one week prior to the start of instruction.
  • Each Participant will receive hard copies of three C-STEM textbooks.
  • Linkbot robots  and accessories will be provided during the training.
  • Attendees will receive a certificate of recognition as a C-STEM Certified Educator.
  • Credits
    1. Optional  $145 for 2-4 Continuing Education Unit quarter credits from UC Davis Extension are available for professional development conducted at UC Davis.
    2. Certificate of Professional Development Credit hours upon training completion.

Interested in hosting a C-STEM 1-Week Institute in your area?

If your county office of education or school district would like to host a 1-Week Institute for STEM teachers in your region, please contact us.

Testimonials  from Teachers Attended Previous Institutes

You can find comments and feedback from teachers who attended previous Institutes.

C-STEM Certified Trainers

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Additional summer accommodations can be found at http://confhsg.ucdavis.edu/summervisitorhousing/.

Note: If you opt to do summer visitor housing, you must find accommodations for June 13-14 as the summer housing will not open until the June 15th.

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