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C-STEM 1-Week Workshop

C-STEM 1-Week Workshop on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Cyber-Physical Systems




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The C-STEM 1-Week Workshop on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Cyber-Physical Systems  provides professional development for K-14 teachers on electronics and sensors using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Arduino  and Raspberry Pi can be programmed  through the freely available C-STEM Studio  in Ch Arduino, ChIDE, and Arduino IDE. Ch Arduino  package is the easiest way to get started tinkering with electronics using Arduino. Ch Arduino is a simple graphical user interface to interact with I/O pins of Arduino boards. C/C++ interpreter Ch is the simplest possible way to program Arduino using the standard Arduino C functions. The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost card-sized computer.  Participants will learn the software development concepts for interface with hardware using Arduino and Raspberry Pi with various enlightening examples. The participants also learn the principles and design of Cyber-Physical Systems using CPSkit, a versatile robot kit for teaching and learning cyber-physical systems. Participants will learn the design thinking and product realization. This workshop is designed for K-14 teachers and their students to join the Maker Movement, for integrating Arduino and Raspberry Pi into science and engineering curriculum,  and for supporting the following C-STEM curriculum and the capstone course for the C-STEM Math-ICT  Curriculum:

  • Computer Programming with C for Arduino
  • Principles and Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (the capstone course)

This workshop is open only for a limited number of teachers from C-STEM schools with C-STEM annual subscription.

If you have no prior computer programming experience, we recommend that you also attend the C-STEM 1-Week Institute on Integrated Computing and STEM Education



  1. Optional  $145 for 2-4 Continuing Education Unit quarter credits from UC Davis Extension are available.
  2. Certificate of Professional Development Credit hours upon training completion.

If you are interested in this workshop, please contact us.


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Additional summer accommodations can be found at http://confhsg.ucdavis.edu/summervisitorhousing/.

Note: If you opt to do summer visitor housing, you must find accommodations for June 13-14 as the summer housing will not open until the June 15th.

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