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Fall Pre-Conference Workshops


Fall Pre C-STEM Conference Workshops on Integrated Computing and STEM Education

2-Day Workshop,  November 7-8, 2014, Friday and Saturday, 8:30am – 5:00pm
1065 Kemper Hall, UC Davis Campus

1-Day Workshop,  November 8, 2014, Saturday, 8:30am – 5:00pm
1003 Kemper Hall, UC Davis Campus

These pre 2014 C-STEM Conference  workshops will provide teachers with hands-on experience on how to use the UC Davis C-STEM integrated curriculum with interactive computing, programming, and robotics that aligns with the Common Core, Math and ICT Sector standards to help close the achievement gap and better prepare student for college and careers.

The workshops are targeted at grades 6 – community college  classroom STEM teachers, and math/CTE coordinators, who are interested in:

  • Integrating Computing & Robotics into Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Integrated Math I & Career Technical Education
  • Developing students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Providing computing education utilizing computer programming in C/C++ interpreter Ch and the Barobo Linkbot
  • Implementing new teaching strategies and opportunities for personalized and collaborative learning through hands-on activities
  • Adopting common core compliant curricula using computer programming
  • Working to close the achievement gap and preparing students to be career and college ready

2-Day Workshop,  November 7-8, 2014, will focus on teaching computing and robotics in an algebraic math classroom, such as Math 7, Math 8, Algebra 1, and Integrated Math 1.  Teachers will focus on learning the basics on computer programming in Ch and robotics activities and problems that target specific standards based objectives using these skills.  This Workshop is designed for STEM Teachers without any prior computer programming experience.

1-Day Workshop, November 8, 2014,  will focus on expanding teacher’s knowledge of computer programming and robotics.  This professional development supports the C-STEM curriculum Exploring Robotics and Film Production, Robotic Technologies, Computer Programming with Ch, and Computer Programming for Solving Applied Problems for courses in CTE, robotics, engineering, computer programming, physical science, etc. This Workshop is designed for STEM Teachers with prior computer programming experience.

  • Each participant must be able to bring their own Windows laptop with XP or higher.  

Click here for the Pre-Conference Workshop flyer.


More pictures for the Pre-Conference Workshop can be found here

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The registration fee  covers instruction, one C-STEM textbooks, sample teaching materials, a one-year software license for one computer, morning beverage, and lunch.

Workshop Registration is now closed.

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The C-STEM Center does not directly deal with reservations but can recommend sites that offer discounted or contracted rates. After making your reservation, please call them and let them know you are with the C-STEM 2014 Training and they will give you a discounted rate.

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