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Free Half Day Workshop on Mindstorms NXT/EV3

mindstormsVehiclesFree Half Day Workshop on Mindstorms NXT/EV3

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This free C-STEM Half Day Workshop will provide K-12 teachers with hands-on experience on how to use Mindstorms NXT/Ev3 through freely available RoboBlockly  and C-STEM Studio for teaching robotics, coding, math, and science.

C-STEM Studio is the simplest possible way to control  single or multiple Lego Mindstorms NXT and EV3 for various  STEM applications.

This workshop is targeted at grades 5-12 teachers. Bring your own device (BYOD) of laptop of Windows or Mac OS X and NXT or EV3,  and take the curriculum, know-how, pedagogy, and excitement  to your classroom teaching. You will enjoy the workshop enormously.


Attendees will  learn:

  • How to utilize user-friendly RoboBlockly curriculum for coding, robotics, math, and theme-based projects with NXT/EV3.
  • How to use  Ch Mindstorms Controller with graphical plotting to control NXT/EV3 and learn math and science.
  • How to use RoboBlockly and Ch Mindstorms Controller to generate Ch/C/C++ programs for scaffolding.
  • How to control NXT/EV3 in Ch/C/C++ programs.
  • How to control virtual NXT/EV3 robots in RoboSim in Ch/C/C++ programs for effective classroom management and teaching, especially for a math class.
  • How to use NXT/EV3 to teach robotics, computer science, engineering, Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Math, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) supported by C-STEM Math-ICT  Curriculum.
  • How to play melody and music notes in NXT/EV3.
  • How to control multiple NXT/EV3 in a single program for team formation and group dance in a single program.
  • How to process sensory information from multiple NXT/EV3 in a single program for multi-robot coordination, with many sample applications with assembly instruction, videos, and source code.
  • How to control  multiple NXT/EV3, Linkbots, and Arduino in a single program.
  • How to control NXT/EV3 from Raspberry Pi.
  • How to integrate NXT/EV3 with C-STEM software into other  computer science education curriculum such as those provided by Code.org and Exploring Computer Science.
  • How to advice your students to use NXT/EV3 for  RoboPlay Video Competition, which integrates creative writing, story-telling, art, music, film production with math, programming, and robotics.
  • How to use NXT/EV3 for 1-week Girls in Robotics Leadership (GIRL) summer camps.


  • Cost: Free
  • Time: 1 pm-5 pm.
  • Date: See registration page. Please check back, more sessions in different regions will be added.
  • Registration: Space is limited for each session, please register soon. We encourage multiple teachers (such as teachers teaching robotics, computer science, math, science, digital media, engineering, CTE and math coordinators, TOSA) from the same school or district to attend the workshop for networking and effective implementation of the C-STEM program. Due to limited availability, we may be forced to turn away excellent educators for a session. If you are not selected, we hope that you will apply again in the future in different sessions.
  • A Laptop running Windows or Mac OS X is necessary during the trainingYou need to download and install the following latest version of C-STEM Software from our downloads page prior to your arrival on the day of training.
    1. Ch Professional
    2. Linkbot Labs
    3. C-STEM Studio
    4. VNC Viewer for Google Chrome
    5. Etcher
    6. Bonjour Print Services (for Windows only. This has been installed in Mac machine by default.)

    You must have administrative privileges on the laptop to install software.

    (a) Download and install software based on the video tutorial. (b) Change the name of your NXT/EV3 based on the video tutorial. More video tutorials available here.

  • Each participant needs to bring one or two NXT or EV3 of educational edition with pre-charged batteries (preferably with spare ones). The NXT or EV3 of the educational edition must be pre-built as a vehicle with the instructions in PDF files below before coming to the training. Therefore, after the workshop, the participant can readily start teaching with the C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum integrated with  NXT/EV3.

NXT Vehicle Building Instructions




EV3 Vehicle Building Instructions





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