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Release Notes

Release Notes for C-STEMBian — 2019-07-03


  • [Ch Folder] Updated LearnArduino program folder
    • modified: colorMixingLamp.ch
    • new file: linkbotJSDirectionBot.ch
    • new file: linkbotsJSPursuitBots.ch
    • new file: mindstormsJSDirectionBot.ch
    • new file: rgbLEDJS.ch
  • [Ch Arduino] Moved map method to Ch
  • [Ch Linkbot] Added more Linkbot Arduino methods
    • added: readUltrasoundSensor
    • added: servoAttach
    • added: servoWrite
    • added: digitalWriteHighLowNB
    • added: digitalWriteWait
  • [Ch RoboSim] Added Arduino shield compatible methods
  • [Ch RoboSim] Added 2019 RoboPlay Challenge Competitions
  • [Ch Linkbot] Added Arduino related functions[Ch Arduino] Fixed duplicated serial ports on Mac
  • [Ch Arduino] Allowed control an Arduino board from a Web browser via Javascript
  • [Ch Linkbot] Bundled with LinkbotLabs 2.0 and Ch binding
  • [C-STEM Folder] Deleted C-STEM/LearnLinkbot/program/appendixA_AdvancedProgramming/standfunc.ch
  • [C-STEM Folder] Modified C-STEM/LearnLinkbot/program/chap13_MultipleRobots/recordparallel.ch
  • [C-STEM Folder] Modified C-STEM/LearnMindstorms/program/chap13_MultipleRobots/recordparallel.ch
  • [C-STEM Folder] Added C-STEM/LearnArduino/program/Ch/linkbotJSButton.ch
  • [C-STEM Folder] Added C-STEM/LearnArduino/program/Ch/linkbotJSDrive.ch
  • [C-STEM Folder] Added C-STEM/LearnArduino/program/Ch/linkbotJSDriveTurn.ch
  • [C-STEM Folder] Added C-STEM/LearnArduino/program/Ch/rgbLED.ch
  • [C-STEM Folder] Added C-STEM/LearnArduino/program/Ch/rgbLEDYellow.ch
  • [Ch Linkbot] Added playNote method
  • [Ch Mindstorms] Added playNote method
  • [RoboSim] Added playNote method
  • [C-STEM Studio] Rename ‘Programming with Ch’ to ‘ChIDE’
  • [Ch Linkbot] Handled robot connection errors
  • [C-STEM Studio] Renamed ‘Student Homework’ to ‘My Workspace’
  • [C-STEM Studio] Moved ‘Code in Curriculum’ to the side navigation menu
  • [C-STEM Studio] Added several images
  • [RoboBlockly] Changed download path to My Workspace
  • [C-STEM Studio] Moved everything from student homework to my workspace
  • [C-STEM Stutio] Fixed launching Linkbot Labs
  • [C-STEM Studio] Allowed only one window
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated C-STEM/LearnCh/program/chap02/lemonade.ch
  • [C-STEM Studio] Copied curriculum files to My Workspace if they don’t exist
  • [Ch Arduino] Added panTilt method
  • [C-STEM Folder] Added programs to use pantilt method
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated LearnArduino folder
    • modified: LearnArduino/program/Ch/rgbLED.ch
    • new file: LearnArduino/program/Ch/rgbLEDLow.ch
    • modified: LearnArduino/program/Ch/rgbLEDYellow.ch
    • new file: LearnArduino/program/Ch/rgbLEDYellowLow.ch
    • renamed: rgbLEDLow.ch -> rgbLEDPositive.ch
    • renamed: rgbLEDYellowLow.ch -> rgbLEDYellowPositive.ch
    • new file: LearnArduino/program/Ch/linkbotTwoSirens.ch
    • modified: C-STEM/LearnArduino/program/Ch/linkbotJSDrive.ch
    • modified: C-STEM/LearnArduino/program/Ch/linkbotJSDriveTurn.ch
    • modified: C-STEM/LearnArduino/program/Ch/linkbotSiren2.ch
  • [C-STEM Studio] Prevented Linkbot Labs from launching too many times


  • [Ch Mindstorms] Fixed missing header file


  • [Ch WiringPi] Fixed missing GPIO Viewer


  • [Ch Linkbot] Added blinkLEDNB and blinkWait functions
  • [Ch Linkbot] Added blinkLEDColors and blinkLEDColorsNB functions
  • [Ch Song] Renamed TheStarSpangledBanner to StarSpangledBanner
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated LearnLinkbot.pdf
  • [C-STEM Folder] Added LCD examples using I2C communication
  • [Ch Song] Changed the sirens name
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated the siren related programs
  • [C-STEM Folder] Added sirens related programs
  • [Ch Song] Added three sirens
  • [Ch Song] Optimized the playMelody functions
  • [Ch Arudino] Added LiquidCrystal_I2C for using the LCD screen with I2C
  • [Ch Arudino] Updated warning message when no devices found
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated the documentation for Arduino and Pi
  • [RoboSim] Added delay function for robot group classes
  • [Ch Song] Make frequency and duration higher resolution
  • [C-STEM Studio] Added a new page for all RoboPlay materials
  • [Ch Arduino] Added Bluetooth module rename utility
  • [Ch Arduino] Updated Arduino drivers
  • [Ch Linkbot] Added delay function
  • [Ch OpenCV] Fixed the dependencies for stretch


  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated LearnArduino curriculumn
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated LearnLinkbot curriculumn
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated LearnMindstorms curriculumn
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated LearnPi curriculumn
  • [Ch Song] Added more sample songs
  • [RoboBlockly] Added a missing dll file
  • [C-STEM Studio] Fixed the unexpected clicking behavior
  • [Ch Mindstorms] Save Ch files to C-STEM Student Homework
  • [Ch Linkbot] Save Ch files to C-STEM Student Homework
  • [Ch Linkbot] Updated images for Linkbots
  • [RoboBlockly] Added download manager
  • [RoboBlockly] Optimized the download path search
  • [C-STEM Studio] Optimized the directory sorting
  • [Ch Mindstorms] Fixed the the plot display in multi-segmental control
  • [Ch Linkbot] Fixed the the plot display in multi-segmental control
  • [C-STEM Studio] Made it able to bring older version of LinkbotLabs to the front
  • [RoboSim] Fixed the RoboSim GUI crashing with keys pressed
  • [RoboBlockly] Fixed the bug that background window not popping up
  • [C-STEM Studio] Fixed copy-to-student-home always copying to the default location
  • [C-STEM Studio] Expand the default directories when home button clicked in the directory browser
  • [C-STEM Studio] Find LinkbotLabs from the registry instead of hard code the path
  • [RoboSim] Find Ch path from the registry
  • [RoboBlockly] Fixed the Ch file not opening with cloud home directory
  • [RoboSim] Added setBuzzerFreq/setBuzzerFreqOn/setBuzzerFreqOff functions
  • [Ch Linkbot] Added setBuzzerFreq/setBuzzerFreqOn/setBuzzerFreqOff functions
  • [Ch Mindstorms] Added setBuzzerFreq/setBuzzerFreqOn/setBuzzerFreqOff functions
  • [C-STEM Studio] Made home button for the directory browser direct to home directory with the previous root directory expanded
  • [RoboBlockly] Disabled notification of program downloaded for executing
  • [RoboBlockly] Fixed the frozen after a few runs
  • [RoboBlockly] Added command line options
  • [Ch Linkbot] Changed setLEDColor now accept HEX encoded color
  • [C-STEM Studio] Updated the display image GPIO Viewer in Windows/Mac
  • [RoboBlockly] Made RoboBlockly a single application with a customized web browser which support running local Ch code
  • [ChDuino] Fixed the GUI for Bluetooth mode
  • [RoboSim] Added 2018 RoboPlay challenges


  • [GPIOViewer] Fixed the special pin conflicts with Ch program


  • [C-STEMBian] Support the latest model B+
  • [C-STEM Studio] Bring GPIOViewer to front instead of creating a new one
  • [C-STEM Studio] Restore software windows if they are minimized
  • [Ch Mindstorms] Make default size of the mainwindow bigger to display everything
  • [C-STEM Studio] Kill all related processes before installation
  • [C-STEM Studio] Bring the existing windows to the top instead of launching new windows
  • [C-STEM Studio] Added the tooltip for double click to launch software
  • [Ch Mindstorms] Fixed virtual robot not working on Mac
  • [Ch Linkbot] Fixed debug mode on Mac
  • [RoboSim] Kill previous RoboSim process before launching a new one on Mac
  • [Ch Arduino] Fixed connection status when the Arduino board unplugged
  • [Ch Arduino] Updated the icon
  • [C-STEM Studio] Rearranged the layout to make it more user-friendly
  • [C-STEM Studio] Implemented “Copy to Student Homework” in code in curriculum for easily copy files to student homework
  • [C-STEM Studio] Show the instruction of code in curriculum/student homework/teaching resources as tooltips
  • [C-STEM Studio] Launch Ch activation from the help menu
  • [ChDuino] Redesigned the program to allow Ch program control the Arduino board through the GUI
  • [ChDuino] Rearranged the layout of the GUI
  • [ChDuino] Connect to the first device in the list if no one selected
  • [ChDuino] Made firmware uploading information more detectable
  • [GPIOViewer] make digal value High/Low instead of 1/0
  • [Ch Mindstorms] Fixed connection issue in Raspberry Pi
  • [Ch Song] Added songs:
    Star Wars
  • [RoboSim] Fixed the issue that libraries are not loaded in debug mode in Ch
  • [ChDuino] Changed icon color
  • [ChDuino] Fixed PWM mode not selectable
  • [ChDuino] Disconnect board when it is unplugged
  • [Ch Mindstorms] Fixed the connection issue


  • [C-STEM Folder] Added melody “The Ants Go Marching” and a higher pitch “The Ants Go Marching”
  • [C-STEM Folder] Added melody “Mario Theme”
  • [C-STEM Folder] Added “Chapter 16 Advanced Sensory Information for a Mindstorms” for “Learning Robot Programming with Lego Mindstorms for the Absolute Beginner”
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated “Learning Physical Computing wtih Arduino for the Absolute Beginner”
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated “Learning Physical Computing wtih Pi for the Absolute Beginner”
  • [C-STEM Studio] Moved the “launch” button to the upper right corner
  • [C-STEM Studio] Fixed the renaming in List View
  • [CMC] Made the windows scrollable to fit different resolution
  • [CMC] Added driveAngle, turnLeft, and turnRight to the group class
  • [CMC] Fixed the driveForever ignoring speed direction


  • Fix the resolution for using VNC viewer
  • Enable I2C by default


  • [Ch Arduino] Fixed the failure of retrieving data from Arduino in Windows
  • [Ch Arduino] Fixed the issue that need connect first when using with robots
  • [C-STEM Studio] Updated description a little
  • [Ch Robot] Added robot.h and cpsbot.h


  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated Ch Linkbot book
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated Ch Lego Mindstorms book
  • [C-STEM Folder] Updated programs for Arduino curriculum


  • [C-STEM Studio] Added the textbook “Learning Robot Programming with Lego Mindstorms for the Absolute Beginner” and related source code
  • [C-STEM Studio] Added the textbook “Learning Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi for the Absolute Beginner” and related source code
  • [C-STEM Studio] Added the textbook “Learning Physical Computing with Arduino for the Absolute Beginner” and related source code
  • [C-STEM Studio] Updated the textbook “Learning Robot Programming with Linkbot for the Absolute Beginner” significantly as 7th Edition and related source code
  • [C-STEM Studio] Added LearnOpenCV in Code in Curriculum for Windows and Pi
  • [C-STEM Studio] Added LearnMechaism in Code in Curriculum
  • [C-STEM Studio] Added LearnControlSystem in Code in Curriculum
  • Updated start page image and description
  • Updated Linkbot software significantly
  • Updated Linkbot curriculum
  • Updated on controlling a hardware robot in a coordinate system
  • Updated on controlling multiple hardware robots in a coordinate system
  • Updated on buzzers for multiple robots
  • Updated on playing medodies and music notes for multiple robots
  • Added doc and sample code on controlling Linkbot and Mindstorms in a single program

v3.5.0 – Nov 17 2017 (internal release)

  • [Ch Arduino] Fixed output not working after firmware uploading

3.5.0 – Nov 14 2017 (internal release)

  • – [Ch Arduino] Fixed output not working after firmware uploading
  • – [Ch Arduino] Added another UNO variant

v3.5.0 – Oct 30 2017 (internal release)

  • – [Ch Mindstorms] Changed the default initial position
  • – [Ch Mindstorms] Removed debug info for NXT
  • – [Ch Linkbot] Changed the default initial position
  • – [RoboSim] Fixed the wrong package for Win64

v3.5.0 – Oct 24 2017 (internal release)

  • – [Ch OpenCV] Included in C-STEM Studio
  • – [Ch Arduino] Added new RedBoard product in ChDuino

v3.5.0 – Oct 9 2017 (internal release)

  • – [C-STEM Folder] Updated documentats for Mindstorms, Arduino and Pi
  • [RoboSim] Changed max speed to 570 deg/s for Mindstorms
  • [RoboSim] Fixed rounding issue in max speed warning message
  • – [C-STEM Folder] Updated Ch Mindstorms Package User’s Guide chmindstorms.pdf
  • – [C-STEM Folder] Updated programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnPi->program folder
  • – [C-STEM Folder] Updated programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnArduino->program folder

v3.5.0 – Oct 2 2017 (internal release)

  • – [RoboSim] Fixed driveTimeNB
  • – [RoboSim] Fixed dot coloring
  • – [RoboSim] Fixed initPosition warning message
  • – [RoboSim] Fixed units reading for metric
  • – [RoboSim] Unwrapped angle retrieved from getPosition
  • – [RoboSim] Changed getJointAngles, getJointSpeeds and getJointSpeedRatios to take 3 arguments instead of 4
  • – [C-STEM Folder] Updated Ch Mindstorms Package User’s Guide chmindstorms.pdf to v1.0
  • – [C-STEM Folder] Updated programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnPi->program folder
  • – [C-STEM Folder] Updated programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnArduinoInCh->program folder
  • – [C-STEM Studio] Added pdf file “Learning Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi for the Absolute Beginner” in Documentation
  • – [C-STEM Studio] Added pdf file “Learning Physical Computing with Arduino for the Absolute Beginner” in Documentation
  • – [C-STEM Folder] Updated Code in Curriculum>LearnPi>program
  • – [C-STEM Folder] Merge Learn Arduino with C and Learn Arduino with Ch into a single folder
  • – [C-STEM Folder] Added Code in Curriculum>LearnArduino
  • – [C-STEM Studio] Changed the file name for Ch Mindstorms Package User’s Guide from chmindstorms.pdf to chmindstormsuserguide.pdf
  • – [C-STEM Studio] Added Curriculum>LearnMindstorms>chmindstorms.pdf
  • – [Ch Linkbot] Fixed function moveToByTrackPosNB
  • – [Ch Mindstorms] Added function moveToByTrackPosNB
  • – [Ch Mindstorms] Added function moveJointByPowerNB
  • – [Ch Mindstorms] Fixed function setLEDColor for EV3
  • – [Ch Mindstorms] Fixed a bug that NXT will keep running after a program finishes
  • – [Ch Arduino] Added missing files for redistribution
  • – [RoboSim] Fixed driveTime crashes when called multiple times
  • – [RoboSim] Changed default speed to 200 deg/s for Mindstorms
  • – [RoboSim] Changed default max speed to 650 deg/s for Mindstorms
  • – [Ch Mindstorms] Updated demos


  • Built based on Raspbian Stretch released on 2017-8-16
  • Updated programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnPi->program folder
  • Updated programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnArduinoInCh->program folder
  • Updated programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnArduinoInC->program folder
  • Added programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnCC++MatlabFortran
  • SSH is not enabled by default
  • added Copyright file at /etc/c-stembian-config/files/COPYRIGHT
  • added Changelog file at /etc/c-stembian-config/files/CHANGELOG


  • Updated C-STEM repository key
  • Enabled I2C by default
  • Set login background image to mondavi.jpg
  • Fixed NXT not detecting in CMC
  • Fixed Ch Program crashes with Mindstorms


  • Enabled VNC by default
  • Set default keyboard layout is now English (US).
  • Set the homepage of chromium the c-stem website.


  • Updated LearnPi folder


  • Redesigned output interface for ChDuino and GPIOViewer
  • Added documents for RoboPlay Competition 2017
  • Updated C-STEM repository host name


  • Updated LearnPi
  • Fixed ChDuino firmware uploading for Raspberry Pi
  • Added missing dl file for Ch Arduino for Raspberry Pi


  • Add missing header files for Ch wiringPi package
  • Add missing dl files for embed Ch
  • Added the chmobile.pdf in documentation for Mobile-C package
  • Add Web-based computing documents in C-STEM Studio
  • Disable autologin as pi by default
  • Disable apache2 by default
  • Upgrade to Raspbian release 3-2-2017


  • Install Raspberry Pi GPIO Viewer
  • Install Ch WiringPi package
  • Install Mobile-C
  • Install Ch Linkbot Controller
  • Install Ch Mindstorm Controller
  • Install ChDuino
  • Add background image for c-stembian
  • Install libqt5serialport5 by default for ChDuino
  • Fix default panel configuration
  • Make ChIDE the default application for text/plain
  • Change default hdmi mode to 5
  • Change default panel/wallpaper/application
  • Install C-STEM Studio
  • Setup Ch Common Gateway Interface pacakge during Ch installation
  • Install LinkbotLabs and its dependencies
  • Install  Ch Mechanism Toolkit f
  • Install Ch Control System Toolkit
  • Install Ch and Embed Ch
  • Install apache2 and vim during stage4
  • Update slides during installation
  • Update os.json for c-stembian for noobs
  • Add stage5 for c-stembian without Ch and C-STEM source files
  • Clone pi-gen official 2016-11-25 release