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UC Davis Center for Integrated Computing and STEM Education (C-STEM) --- Research and Outreach

2020 Summer Workshop for LAUSD Teachers on Distance Learning math, CS, CTE with Coding and Virtual Robots

The flyer for the workshop

I like how I can use the curriculum to integrate coding
and hands on math to bring math alive for the
students…Fun, exciting, and lots of opportunities for kids
to learn from their mistakes.

Catherine Ouellette, Kindergarten Teacher
Hacienda La Puente USD

The C-STEM program was imperative for my student’s learning while they were away from their LAUSD campus. With COVID-19, distance learning is challenging but the C-STEM program allowed my students to show mastery of complex interdisciplinary robotics and mathematic concepts.

Jeff Hescox, Math & CTE Teacher
Communication and Technology School, LAUSD

Join this exclusive opportunity with your fellow LAUSD teachers to learn how to teach math, CS, and CTE with coding and virtual/hardware robotics online  with the rigorous C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum and RoboBlockly Curriculum for distance learning. After attending this workshop, you and your students will get free access to RoboBlocklyC-STEM Studio, and Ch Professional for teaching and learning for the 2020-2021 school year.

 This workshop will cover:

  • Learning how to use RoboBlockly, an online block-based coding and robotics environment, for learning coding, robotics, art, and math.
  • Making learning fun with customizable robot models, backgrounds, piano, and sounds.
  • Using a class management system to enroll students, assign and grade student homework for distance learning.
  • Exploring Common Core compliant math curriculum with coding and robotics applications
  • Learning first-hand how to conduct effective distance learning with coding and virtual/hardware robotics.

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Session 1 (Closed): Two 2-Hour Online Summer Workshop for LAUSD K-6 Teachers on Distance Learning:

8:30 – 10:30 am, July 23 – 24, 2020

Due to popular demand, we are offering a third workshop session for LAUSD K-6 teachers who are interested in distance learning STEAM with coding and virtual robots before school starts.

Session 2 (Closed): Two 2-Hour Online Summer Workshop for LAUSD 7-12 Teachers on Distance Learning:

1:00 – 3:00 pm, August 4 – 5, 2020

Session 3: Two 2:30-Hour Online Summer Workshop for LAUSD K-6 Teachers on Distance Learning:

1:00 – 3:30 pm, August 10-11, 2020

Additional Information

Comments from LAUSD K-6 Teachers Who Attended the Workshop on July 23-24, 2020:

Roblocky looks amazing, I love the music and equations connection, and I love the math curriculum. I love Roblocky in general. I love having an LAUSD teacher on here to explain how he uses it and to give us a heads up on how the kids react to certain features and such. I think thisis great. I am so glad that I signed up for this.

Jessica Delgado, 3rd Grade Teacher
Apperson Elementary School, LAUSD

OMG! WHAT DIDN’T I LEARN? I LOVED IT! SO EXCITING! I am so glad to have 2 computers on hand to follow along. The facilitators went nice and slow for me to follow on the computer and take notes. I liked the fact you explained curriculum, k-2, color for teacher, no color for HW, interactive, new problem, and how you demonstrated k and its relation to CCSS. The training went very well. Thank you!

Rocio Ramirez, Elementary Teacher
Apperson Elementary, LAUSD

The use of coding will definitely be easily integrated into math curriculum. The simplicity of introducing coding and using it for practical application will make this an excellent resource for my students.

Donna Gatz, 4th Grade Teacher
Catskill Avenue Elementary, LAUSD

Roboblockly is a very user friendly program that I think I should be able to use with my 3rd grade students from day 1 -I’m not very tech savvy, but I think I should be able to do this. I really enjoyed this pd and was excited that I was able to complete most tasks.I teach all subjects. I definitely will try to use Roboblockly with my students. I am NOT a tech person, but I’m hoping the CS Activities will be straight forward enough for me to implement. I love how I can integrate math and music and art with this. I have a feeling it is going to be trial and error for me. I’m sure my students will quickly out pace their teacher and then they can teach me! I love the classroom management -especially the auto graded assignments. I liked how you showed a sampling of many of the activities.Thank you.

Donna McInnes, 3rd Grade Teacher
Vintage Magnet Elementary, LAUSD

Awesome ideas! Looking forward to using the program with my students. I always wanted to try coding, but thought it was too hard. I like that the program starts with the simplest steps and builds up.

Cecilia Garcia, 1st Grade Teacher
Julie Korenstein Elementary, LAUSD

I learned how to use RoboBlockly at many grade levels. It was very engaging and hands-on. I was able to follow what we were doing and actually try the different lessons. I had a great time. I think my little ones will love it.I really like the groups and being able to assign different assignments to my students. Great training. I am looking forward to use RoboBlckly with my students.

Araceli Lee, Kindergarten Teacher
Catskill Avenue Elementary, LAUSD

I liked thepresentation as well as me practicing along. It was a basic training so that anyone can do it. I was worried that I was not going to understand the program. Very friendly training!! Training was great!!Follow up trainings will be great!! Thank you very much!!!

Luisa Sevilla, 4th Grade Teacher
Canterbury Elementary, LAUSD

I loved learning how to intergate math and art (piano) into the coding.I liked that all of you taught us and walked us through the steps. I would love to see more on how to apply this to language arts and other subjects.

Lynnette Yick-Ryan, 4th and 5th Grade Teacher,
John B. Monlux Elem STeM Magnet School, LAUSD

I like the step by step instructions. It’s a lot to go through. Thanks for the detailed lessons.

Lori Belateche, Elementary School Teacher
Carpenter Community Charter, LAUSD

Simple coding to get students started. Love the online assignment & grading option. Using number lines in coding, creating multiple assignments for students, and running two robots at one time. So much to do with Roboblockly!!! Excellent!

Lisette Blanco-Varela, 4th Grade Teacher
San Antonio Elementary School – Local District East, LAUSD

I learned that coding can be useful in any classroom because it strengthens all skills. I liked being able to try the activities.I teach English and History. I can use them during advisory or as enrichment for early finishers. I enjoyed the exploringand class creation.

Adriana Garcia, 6th Grade Teacher
Mulholland Middle, LAUSD

There was a lot of new learning. I learned about the program RoboBlockly. I learned how to create a class and how to assign assignments to students. I also was able to seethe program in action through the modeling. It was great learning about this CS program.

Veronica Bonilla, 1st Grade Teacher
Coldwater Canyon Elementary, LAUSD

I like being able to watch without pressure of performing tasks. I need to learn by watching first.

Lori Okihara, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teacher
Coldwater Canyon Avenue Elementary School, LAUSD

I learned that I will be able to use this website to help my students learn coding. I liked that there are tutorial videos and that I will be learning myself because I was scared to even think about teaching this content.

Juana Campo, Elementary Teacher
Fullbright Elementary, LAUSD

I learned basic coding that can lead to more engaging lessons in math and computer science. I liked having a lot of different lessons to begin using virtually.

Patricia Ricabal, 1st Grade Teacher
Clover Ave. Elementary, LAUSD

So excited to try this using fractions. Loved how we got to tinker with it.

Melissa Lopez, Elementary Teacher
Crestwood STEAM, LAUSD

I learned about the basics to use Robotics in the classroom and integrate this with different math concepts. I likedthe amount of time that was provided for a hands on approach. Thank you so much for how informative this session was.

Elizabeth Chowaiki, 4th and 5th Grade Teacher
Maywood Elementary, LAUSD

This was a great workshop and I am new to RoboBlockly. I think my students will enjoy learning this program. I like how you demonstrated how to use all the features.

Melissa Toma-Dimacali, Elementary Teacher
Latona Avenue Elementary, LAUSD

I learned how to use the coding activities with my students. Thank you!!

Monica Kim, 1st Grade Teacher
San Antonio Elementary, LAUSD

Really liked the math applications for first grade. I liked that we could try it out as you taught.

Rosemarie Nemes, 1st Grade Teacher
Coldwater Canyon Avenue Elementary, LAUSD

I love the math curriculum. Great training! Thanks again.

Lucy Carrasco, Kindergarten Teacher
San Antonio Elementary, LAUSD

I liked exploring the activities and setting up my own account. I would like to use this as enrichment.

Martha Shorter, 4thGrade Teacher, Crestwood STEAM Academy, LAUSD

I liked all of the coding. The content area lessons are going to be very useful such as the math &music.

Pasquale Petix, 3rd Grade Teacher
Lankershim Elementary, LAUSD

I loved learning how to create a class in Roboblockly. It was a wonderful training! Thank you!

Jill Keppel, 1st Grade Teacher
John B. Monlux Elem STeM Magnet School, LAUSD

I teach multiple subjects. I will incorporate these activities into math. There are a lot of opportunities for counting and logic.

Diane Anderson, Kindergarten Teacher
Canoga Park Elementary, LAUSD

I learned so much. I will assign easy assignments in my class. I appreciate the detailed walkthrough of the process of enrolling and creating a class.

Monica Manzo, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teacher
Julie Korenstein Elementary, LAUSD

Thank you, this was very helpful and I know my students will definitely love working here.

Monica Reyes, 4th Grade Teacher
San Antonio Elementary/STEM Magnet, LAUSD

I like that you have feedback in the activities.

Sherie Dalton, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Teacher
Crestwood STEAM Magnet, LAUSD

Great that we can use cur. to teach CS to our class

Susan Singh, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Teacher
Farmdale Elementary, LAUSD

“I liked that it was very straight forward and easy. You did great!

Sherry Mohazab, 2nd Grade Teacher
Playa Vista Elementary, LAUSD

I’m going to use it all. Great program

Michelle Mitchell, 3rd Grade Teacher
Emelita Street Elementary, LAUSD