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Science — Next Generation Science Standards

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) specifically call for engineering and computational thinking. C-STEM has developed technologies and curriculum perfect for learning these crucial concepts. The C-STEM integrated curriculum explores the principles of engineering design to develop students scientific reasoning and application skills with interactive computing, programming, and robotics activities. The Ch Arudino and Raspberry Pi technology in C-STEM Studio allows students quickly getting started with hands-on activities with hardware and data acquisition for exploring science. The interactive activities reinforce students logical reasoning and critical thinking skills by developing their ability to visualize, process, save, and plot experimental and hypothetical data.

Coding and robotics activities allow students to learn computational thinking to solve real-world complex problems. These activities are especially helpful for learning motion, position, unit conversion, etc. in physical science.

 click the image above to go to the Space Exploration RoboBlockly project