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RoboSim is a robot simulation environment for programming both virtual Linkbot  and Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3 robots in Ch/C/C++. The same programs developed and validated with virtual robots in RoboSim can be readily used to control the hardware robots without any modification. RoboSim allows the users to program robots without physical access to the hardware and provides idealized validation of both the hardware robot motion and materials being taught.

A virtual environment in RoboSim without disturbance and hardware failure is a pedagogically effective tool for teaching computer programming, math with Common Core State Standards, and science with Next Generation Science Standards. For example, a student can use multiple robots in a single program for personalized learning.


GUI for RoboSim,  running a 2016 RoboPlay Challenge Competition task


An explorer configured using Linkbots


The same explorer configured in RoboSim


obstaclecourse robosim_polynomial2
Various math based problems completed in RoboSim.


A Sample Application
Two Linkbot-I Robots

Two Linkbot-I Robots

The 1st robot moves at the speed of 1.5 inches per second. After 8 seconds, the 2nd robot races at the speed of 3 inches per second. When and at what distance will the 2nd robot catch the 1st one?

Typical Solution:
y = 1.5t
y = 3(t-8)

1.5*t = 3(t-8)
t = 16, y = 24

Output from a Ch program:


Plot Output of Robot Motion

Running virtual robots with RoboSim in a Ch program:


System Requirements for RoboSim

Windows XP or above (32 and 64 bits) with 500 MBytes disk space and 46 Mbyte RAM.

Mac OS X.

Watch a video tutorial on how to use Robosim