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The 4th Annual Conference on Integrated Computing and STEM Education

Sunday, November 9, 2014, 8am – 2pm

UC Davis Conference Center


Conference Program

Keynote Speaker


Karen Shores

Administrator, STEM Office

California Department of Education

Keynote Speaker

Hossein Saadat

Vice President

Hewlett-Packard Company

Featured Speaker


Stephen Wright

Director & Sector Navigator, ICT

California Community Colleges

Link to Keynote Speakers’  Biographies

The 4th Annual Conference on Integrated Computing and STEM Education provides a forum for K–14 STEM teachers, researchers, educators, policy makers and industrial partners to share their experiences, best practices, and ideas, and thereby influence the future direction of integrated computing and STEM education. The theme of this year’s conference is Igniting Genius and Lighting the Spark for All.

Pre-Conference Workshops

  • November 7-8, 2014, Friday and Saturday, C-STEM Workshop for STEM Teachers without any prior computer programming experience. (held in 1065 Kemper Hall, UC Davis)
  • November 8, 2014, Saturday, C-STEM Workshop for STEM Teachers with prior computer programming experience.  (held in 1003 Kemper Hall, UC Davis)

Please click here for more information on the workshops.

Pre-Conference Workshop flyer

Conference Final Program

Conference Keynote and Plenary Speeches

  • Welcome,  Dr. Enrique Lavernia,   Dean of the UC Davis College of Engineering and Distinguished Professor
  • The Shining Shifting State of STEM, Karen Shores, STEM Administrator, California Department of Education
  • HP: Built on C-STEM, Hossein Saadat,  Vice President of Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Building the Funnel for the Hi Tech Workforce, Stephen Wright, Director & Sector Navigator, Information Communications Technologies and Digital Media, California Community Colleges
  • Challenges and Research Issues on Integrated Learning of Computing and STEM, Dr. Harry H. Cheng, C-STEM Center Director and Professor

           Cheng Presents 

 More pictures for the 2014 C-STEM Conference  can be found online here

Conference Breakout Sessions (for full schedule, see Conference Agenda)

  • †Common Core, NGSS and UC/CSU Preparation and A-G Requirements through C-STEM
    • As the new Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards change teaching pedagogy and student’s interaction with subject matter, the need for relevance and rigor has increased.  In this session teacher panelist will describe and model how they use C-STEM curriculum to address this need while also meeting A-G requirements for UC/CSU preparation, providing attendees with a peek inside math and science classrooms, grades 5-12.
  • Outside the Classroom: Integrating C-STEM in Informal Education
    • After school and summer programs allow students to explore material that can’t be covered in the traditional 8-3 school day. C-STEM curriculum provides students with academic rigor while also enriching collaborative and 21st century skills.  This session will delve into the available resources which attract underrepresented groups into STEM field, including standards based extension activities which allow for preparation for the  RoboPlay Competition on C-STEM Day and provide support for core classes.

  • Digital Media and Language Arts through C-STEM Computing and Robotics
    • Incorporating digital media and language arts is an enticement for many students to participate in STEM activities.  Many students are not initially attracted to STEM because of preconceptions regarding the field.  Experienced teachers will show winning videos and take you through key steps of a robotic video creation, illustrating the connection between English language arts, digital media and traditional STEM subjects through C-STEM computing and robotics program as well RoboPlay Video Competition.  Best practices, successes and challenges will be shared from plot conception, story and character development, choreography, soundtrack, robotic programming and 3D design, video production and editing.
  • Industry Pipeline: C-STEM for CTE/ROP and Career Pathways
    • Collaboration between K-12 and industry is crucial to ensure students are being prepared properly to enter the workforce.  In this session, a panel of industry partners as well as the CTE/ROP teachers and administrators discuss their experience through C-STEM A-G elective computing and robotics courses.  These educators and industry partners will discuss the key skills that K-12 educators should emphasize to ensure their students will be competitive in today’s careers, how to integrate those through C-STEM A-G standards based curriculum, and ways of building partnership with industry to bring industry perspective into the classroom.  They will describe how they see C-STEM curriculum fulfilling that need as well as what improvements still need to be made in CTE/ROP courses and pathways.
  • C-STEM School, District, and County-wide Implementation
    • Administrators of all levels are encouraged to attend this session to learn how the C-STEM program can be implemented at their school sites.  2013/2014 was the first year C-STEM was implemented district wide and the first year C-STEM Day was held outside of UC Davis through a county wide pilot in Orange County.  Community college, county office, district and school site educators will describe their experience from starting the project with initial interest to teacher training, implementation and teacher support and the culminating event, C-STEM Day.  Funding sources and coordination between existing STEM/CTE efforts will be discussed.
  • C-STEM in action! Student Activities for Integrating Algebra and Computer Programming
    • Observe or participate in an Algebra 1 / Integrated Math 1 programming lesson!  Come see what your students would experience as C-STEM teachers complete differentiated programming tasks that attend to specific mathematics objectives.  Features of the C/C++ interpreter Ch used in the C-STEM curriculum are discussed in their relation to specific math topics.  Teaching resources such as power-points, group activities and robotics activities are presented to showcase how computer programming can support math instruction in alignment with Common Core. Teacher participants must bring their own Windows or Mac OS X laptops with software pre-loaded and must have attended a prior C-STEM training.


  • RoboPlay Challenge Competition in action! Hands-on Demonstration for Integrating Robotics and CTE
    • Join our mini C-STEM Day RoboPlay Challenge Competition!  See what your students would experience this May 30th!  Participants will be given mini challenges and compete in 10 minute rounds.  As participants prepare with their team, observers will be given an overview of the format and expectations of the competition.  When our mini competition begins, observers will interact with the teacher teams, witnessing the successes and challenges students will face. Teacher team participants must bring their own Windows laptop (no Mac OS X laptop) with software pre-loaded. Teacher team participants must have attended a prior C-STEM training with Linkbot. Teams will be formed on the spot.


“Oh my gosh! I barely can contain myself….soooo fun!!! So challenging and so rewarding at the same time!!!”


Conference flyer

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