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C-STEM School of the Year

C-STEM School of the Year certificate is presented to schools for achieving the excellence in integrated learning with computing and STEM subjects, and provide formal computing education for all their students  through the C-STEM program. The school recognized as a C-STEM School of the Year will receive $500 check from the sponsors of the award. The award recipients are selected by the C-STEM Executive Committee.

Selection Criteria
  • Evidence on excellence in computing and STEM education, especially on integration of computing into STEM education.
  • Inspire all students of different backgrounds and abilities to learn.
  • Provide computing experience for all students in the school through the formal program using the C-STEM curriculum.
  • Have not received this award in the past.
  • Nominees (principals) need to attend the C-STEM Annual Conference in person to receive the award.

Applications for the 2019 Awards are due by September 6, 2019. The application is available for download as a PDF HERE.
If selected, the conference registration fee will be waived. Nominees will however need to provide their own travel and lodging accommodations.


For more information, please contact:
Phone: (530) 752-9082
Email: info(AT)c-stem.ucdavis.edu