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Distance Learning Resources

C-STEM Resources for Distance Learning Math with Coding and Robotics for K-12 educators

Due to Coronavirus COVID-19, schools nationwide are transitioning to distance learning. Collaborating with our partners, the UC Davis C-STEM Center is stepping up to this unprecedented challenge and committing to helping K-12 schools across the country by providing many of our resources free of charge to schools and districts. All K-12 teachers and students affected by closures can get free access to RoboBlocky, C-STEM Studio, and Ch Professional for learning math and CS with robotics. In addition, verified C-STEM Districts can receive free access to C-STEM’s distance learning compatible and common core compliant math with computing and robotics curriculum.

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K-12 C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum

C-STEM Math-ICT curriculum provides students with up to 13 years of experience learning math with computing and robotics. Through this computer-based curriculum teachers can seamlessly conduct distance learning of core math classes. C-STEM curriculum integrates computer programming and robotics into math for a well-rounded, engaging experience that does not require in-person interactions.

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Teachers can easily provide students with assignments and activities online with full access to RoboBlocky for learning K-11 math and CS with robotics, and its Classroom Management System using a web browser in any device including smartphones.

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Students can continue learning grade 5-11 math with coding and robotics using their own Windows or Mac computer at home with C-STEM Studio and Ch Professional

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Video Lessons

Video lessons allow teachers to learn how to use RoboBlocky, C-STEM Studio, Ch Professional, and RoboSim from their home computer or tablet.

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Engaged Learning Spotlight Webinar Series

In this Webinar Series,  teachers and administrators will share their strategies and experience on using C-STEM Math-ICT curriculum for successful distance learning for their students.

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Please register for our free Webinars to learn how to bring C-STEM distance learning resources to your classroom.

Browser Compliance

RoboBlocky can run in any modern browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari using Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, tablets, smartphones, TVs, etc.