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A Message from the Director

"Dear C-STEM Partners,

The upcoming academic year will be exciting for computing and STEM education.  Here at C-STEM we have been very busy with summer activities, including the training of the NSF sponsored C-STEM Fellows, Summer Institute, CaMSP professional development, and  5 Youth Summer Camps we hosted. We have also been very busy updating and revising our math, computing and robotics curriculum for the coming year with many changes that will make the material more student-friendly.

We are excited about the upcoming school year as there are many new opportunities. We have granted UC A-G Program Status and are now  also classified as a UC Educational Preparation Program for Undergraduate  Admission.  Also, in partnership with Yolo County of Education, we have received a grant of $1.5 million from the California Department of Education for our C-STEM+ project. Over sixty highly qualified teachers are participating in the project. We are hoping to  further expand the C-STEM Center to reach more students across the state, closing the achievement gap in math and science education. We are looking forward to working with more schools in this upcoming year as we expand across the state." -- Dr. Harry Cheng, C-STEM Center Director and Professor

New C-STEM Staff - Ryan Mangan

We are delighted to announce the hiring of Ryan Mangan as the new C-STEM Education Specialist and Technology Coordinator. Ryan has been involved with the C-STEM Center as a Fellow and participating teacher for the past three years.
We are glad to have him on board at this important juncture as we have many new exciting opportunities for expanding our C-STEM program to have state and nationwide impact. With Ryan as part of our staff we will increase our capacity to offer on-site professional developments throughout the year. If you have any questions or comments regarding professional development, technology or curriculum, please feel free to direct your correspondence to him. He can be contacted via email at ramangan@ucdavis.edu.

UCOP A-G Program Status

As of August 2014, C-STEM has been granted the UC A-G Program Status. This means that schools can easily add C-STEM A-G approved courses to their own school's “A-G” course lists without submitting a complete course content description and going through the traditional approval process with UCOP.  In 2014-2015 academic year, C-STEM plans to fully support the following courses:

High School Curriculum with A-G approval:
Math "C" category
Algebra I with Computing
Algebra I with Robotics and Computing
Integrated Math I with Computing
Integrated Math I with Robotics and Computing
Elective "G" category
Introduction to Computer Programming with C
Computing with Robotics

Middle School Curriculum:
Math "C" category
Math 7 with Computing
Math 8 with Computing
Elective "G" category
Computing Programming with Ch

More information regarding the A-G requirements set by the University of California can be read here.

UC Educational Preparation Program for Undergraduate Admission

As of May 2014, C-STEM has been added as an option for new undergraduate applicants to select as a UC approved Educational  Preparation Program, commencing fall 2015 for all UC campuses. Participating in C-STEM is an enriching experience with the UC academic rigor for K-14 students. As an UC approved Educational Preparation Program, participation in the C-STEM program, C-STEM student and team awards, and C-STEM extracurricular activities are now recognized in the UC admissions process as achievements that have explicitly prepared students for college and career.

C-STEM Conference and Fall Workshop

The 4th Annual Conference on Integrated Computing and STEM Education will be held November 9th this year. The conference provides a forum for K–14 STEM teachers, researchers, educators, policy makers and industrial partners to share their experiences, best practices, and ideas, and thereby influence the future direction of integrated computing and STEM education. The theme of this year’s conference is Igniting Genius and Lighting the Spark for All.

During the C-STEM conference the recipients of the C-STEM Teacher of the Year, C-STEM Service and C-STEM School of the Year Awards will be announced. The deadline for these nominations are October 9th
The Applications:
C-STEM Teacher of the Year
C-STEM Service
C-STEM School of the Year

In addition to the conference, the C-STEM Center will hold two workshops on November 7&8. The first will be a 2-Day Workshop for STEM Teachers without any computer programming experience being held on November 7 - 8. For STEM Teachers with prior computer programming experience there will be a 1-Day Workshop being held November 8.  For more information about the Conference click hereFor more information about the Workshops click here.

NCWIT Aspiration Award

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), hopes to recognize the young women at the high school level for their computing-related achievements and interests through their NCWIT Award for Aspirations. Students can apply online on their website aspirations.org where information regarding eligibility can be found in detail. UC Davis hosts the Northern California award ceremony in March each year. In addition to being recognized at a local level, there is the National Award. Students who apply for the Aspiration Award for their local award competition will automatically be entered into the National competition as well. Applications Open September 15th to November 2nd. There is also an Aspirations in Computing Educator Award. It recognizes teachers, counselors, and other educators that make a special effort to support girls’ interest in technology. More information regarding this award can be found at aspirations.org/educatoraward.


This project entitled C-STEM+ is funded with $1.5 million dollars for three years by the California Department of Education, through a partnership with Yolo County Office of Education (YCOE). The project provides intensive and follow-up training in mathematics, technology, and engineering. The project represents both a countywide professional development model with all five Yolo County school districts participating and a regional model including rural, suburban, and urban high need school districts serving students in Region 3. Over sixty highly qualified teachers are participating in the project, representing over 40 schools in the greater Sacramento area. More about C-STEM+ and its implementation can be read about here.

CDE Sponsored Professional Development

Thanks to the California Department of Education, we were able to host two free One-Day Workshops. One was held in Alameda County Office of Education to target the schools in northern California and the other was held at the Fresno County Office of Education to target the schools in Southern California. Attendees at either of the Professional Development workshops received two textbooks, electronic training materials, one software license and one Linkbot. Both workshops were done with the intent to Integrate Computing and Robotics into Mathematics & Career Technical Education to Close the Achievement Gap and to prepare Students for Career and College. A more in depth synopsis of the events can be read here.  The C-STEM Center hopes to again partner with the CDE to offer more of these one day workshops throughout the state for this coming school year.

C-STEM Day 2014

The 4th annual C-STEM Day marked the first time the event was expanded to two locations: UC Davis and UC Irvine. A total of 35 student teams participated in the RoboPlay Challenge Competition, with 28 teams at UC Davis and 17 teams at UC Irvine. 45 teams submitted their videos for RoboPlay Video Competition. During the Awards ceremony many individuals were recognized for their performance and leadership.
C-STEM Award of Achievement was awarded to Lan N., Mallory S., and Jack H. from Bridgeway Island Elementary and Lucas G. from California Middle.
GIRL's Leadership Award was awarded to Kayle K. from Leonardo da Vinci K-8, Malaysia H. from American Canyon Middle, Vianca H. from California Middle and Elisabeth L. from Sam Brannan Middle.
C-STEM Award of Excellence was awarded to Tianrui G. from Northwood High, Joseph D.  from Fred C. Beyer High, Arturo L. from River City High, Abijah W. from River City High, and Russell Y. from Franklin High.
Sandia C-STEM Scholarship was awarded to Jonathan L. from Northwood High and Kawah Y. from School of Engineering and Sciences.
HP Laptop Donation for C-STEM Program  Hewlett-Packard has continued to support the C-STEM Center through its recent donation of 80 HP laptops. HP Manager Collette Adams presented the donation of a full class set of HP laptops each to district representatives, principals, and C-STEM teachers at the School of Engineering and Sciences in the Sacramento City Unified School District and Elkhorn Village Elementary School in the Washington Unified School District at West Sacramento for their expansion of the C-STEM program. These two C-STEM schools with a large number of socially and economically disadvantaged students have successfully integrated the C-STEM program into their teaching and in great need of computers for implementation and expansion of the program.
A full synopsis including the winners of the Regional and Statewide Competitions can be read here.

C-STEM Summer Institute

The Summer Institute was designed to train K-14 STEM teachers on the principles of robotics and computing and how to integrate them into STEM classes. There were two one-week courses offered: Common Core Mathematical Concepts with Computing and Robotics and Robotic Activities and Computer Programming for Solving Applied Problems. From June 30 – July 3, the Institute focused on teaching computing and robotics in an algebraic math classroom, such as Math 7, Math 8, Algebra 1, and Integrated Math 1. Teachers focused on learning the basics on computer programming in the C/C++ interpreter Ch and robotics activities and problems that target specific standards based objectives using these skills. From July 7 – 11, the institute focused on expanding knowledge about computer programming and robotics. More information regarding the summer institute can be found here.

C-STEM Youth Summer Camps

This past summer C-STEM has expanded its camp offering to encourage and motivate students ranging from 4th-8th grade to pursue a path in computing and STEM. This summer, we have piloted the following five summer youth camps and plan to expand the program in other regions in summer 2015.
C-STEM Innovation Academy and Exploring 3D Printing held July 14-18th participants came up with possible solutions for a problem and evaluated what steps they needed to take to begin developing their ideas. They developed, tested and refined their ideas through hands-on activities and group projects. The afternoons included the 3D Printing with Robotics class.
C-STEM Exploring Computer Programming with Robotics held July 21-25 started with the basics of how a computer works and then moved to computer programming in the C/C++ interpreter Ch to control the Linkbot in both single and multiple robot configurations. Campers then explored video editing and film production by creating a short video, which could be submitted to the C-STEM RoboPlay Video Competition.
C-STEM Exploring 3D Printing with Robotics held July 28-August introduced campers to the working principles of computer-aided design, 3D printing and the reconfigurable modular robot Linkbot. The culminating project with 3D printed parts help prepare campers to compete in the Best Custom Designed Part category in the C-STEM RoboPlay Video Competition.
C-STEM Exploring Mathematics with Robotics held August 4-8, 2014 explored mathematical concepts through practical applications with hands-on and fun robotics activities using the modular robot Linkbot. The week ended with a mock-up C-STEM RoboPlay Challenge Competition.
Girls in Robotics Leadership (GIRL) Camp held August 4-8th focused on motivating girls in middle school to learn computing and STEM concepts through a fun and exciting robotics-based curriculum.The curriculum included Robotics, Principles of Engineering, Programming in C, Leadership Skills, Teamwork, Building Confidence and Women in IT. Attendees are eligible for the GIRL Leadership Award presented at the 2015 C-STEM Day.
Those who are attending the camp next year can read more about the camps offered during the summer here.

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